Reskilling and Upskilling For A Future-Ready Workforce

Organised in collaboration with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) and supported by all the Autonomous Universities, Polytechnics and the Institute of Technical Education, SkillsFuture@NTU brings you 38 online workshops across 8 core themes to help fresh graduates and mid-career job seekers in reskilling and upskilling. Gain insights from industry leaders, identify skill gaps and discover opportunities to stay employable in today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world.

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Receive an integrated high-quality education and training that respond to constantly evolving needs from NTU and all the Autonomous Universities, Polytechnics and the Institute of Technical Education

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Learn From Keynote Speakers & Expert Trainers

Mr Lawrence Wong

Minister for Education and Second Minister for Finance

Prof Subra Suresh

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Prof Ling San

Deputy President and Provost,
President’s Chair in Mathematical Sciences,
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Mr Bill Chang

Chief Executive Officer,
Group Enterprise, 
Singapore Telecommunications Limited

Choose From 38 Virtual Workshops

Be ready for tomorrow’s challenges with our ‘Reskilling and Upskilling for a Future-Ready Workforce’ workshops that span across eight core themes.

Recareering In An Uncertain World

In an ever-changing world, adaptability and relevance are two key components to survival. Keeping abreast of the latest innovations and trends in the current job market will provide opportunities to re-invent yourself to remain relevant. 

Soft Skills Essential For A Changing World

Effective communication, good EQ, strong listening skills and outstanding leadership qualities constitute essential soft skills that enable people to adapt to a changing job landscape and tide over periods of uncertainty.

Be The Game Changer: Future-Ready Yourself With Reskilling & Upskilling

Date: 29 July 2020
Time: 8:45AM – 5PM SGT


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1) About Skillsfuture@NTU

Q: What is this event about?

A: The SkillsFuture Month is organised annually by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) to inspire Singaporeans to develop a passion for lifelong learning and pursue skills mastery. One of the key events is the SkillsFuture at an Institute of Higher Learning. This year, Nanyang Technological University, with the support of all the Autonomous Universities, Polytechnics, and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), will host the event ‘SkillsFuture@NTU’. SF@NTU will take place on Wednesday, 29 July 2020 from 9:30am to 5:00pm.

Q: What can I expect at this year’s Skillsfuture@NTU?

A: Themed ‘Reskilling and Upskilling for a Future-Ready Workforce’, this year’s event features the “Impact of 5G on our Future” as the keynote topic. Anchoring this theme, is a keynote presenter from a leading global ICT solutions provider to share insights about the potential of 5G and the future of Industry 4.0 in an ever-evolving world.

A series of specially curated online workshops will allow participants to gain insights into potential workforce specific areas for their personal reskilling and upskilling. Via this dynamic virtual platform, participants will experience first-hand and understand how adaptive technologies are able to provide greater opportunities to re-career oneself so as to remain relevant and marketable in a changing job landscape.

Please refer to the programme here for more details.

Q: What is a virtual event?

A: A virtual event is an online platform accessed via a computer, laptop or other compatible smart devices. It enables real-time networking between participants, organisers, exhibitors, and presenters. Participants are connected through a combination of chat tools, webinars and digital content served via a visually rich interface.

Q: Who should attend?

A: SkillsFuture@NTU is open to the public.

Q: Is the event chargeable?

A: SkillsFuture@NTU is a free event. Please email us at or email us at if you have been approached by any party requesting for any monetary or in-kind transactions in exchange for participation.

Q: Who are the participating sponsors and Institutes of Higher Learning?


1. Employment and Employability Institute (e2i)

2. Huawei

3. EON Reality Pte Ltd

4. Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

5. National University of Singapore (NUS)

6. Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)

7. Singapore Management University (SMU)

8. Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS)

9. Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

10. Institute of Technical Education (ITE)

11. Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)

12. Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP)

13. Republic Polytechnic (RP)

14. Singapore Polytechnic (SP)

15. Temasek Polytechnic (TP)

2) Registration
Q: How do I register for the event?

A: You may register for SkillsFuture@NTU here. A Registration Confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address.

In the Registration Confirmation email, you will be provided with a link to indicate the workshops of your interest.  Please note that you may only select 1 workshop per period.

Skillsfuture@NTU on 29 July 2020 is only available to those signed in with a completed registration.

Q: I registered online and did not get a confirmation email. How can I check the status of my registration?

A: Please contact the administrator via email: with email subject title: Status of my registration.

Q: I can’t find the link to the event; how do I find it?

A: Your access instructions and portal link will be sent to you via your registered email address, 24 hours before the start of the virtual event. Please check your junk mailbox if you do not receive the email 24 hours before the start of the virtual event. Should you not receive the Access Link email 2 hours before the event, please email us at

Q: What is included in my registration ticket?

A: Registration to the event grants you access to the morning plenaries, the virtual exhibition hall, networking module and workshop sessions across all 8 tracks.

Q: What are the Workshop Tracks?

A: There are EIGHT (8) Workshop Tracks at Skillsfuture@NTU.

  • Digital Community Health
  • Securing Food for All
  • 5G Technology
  • Digital Platforms
  • AI in Education
  • Future of Robotics
  • Recareering in an uncertain World
  • Soft Skills essential for a Changing Job Landscape

For more information on each Workshop Track, please refer to the details here.

Q: When does registration for the event close?

A: Registration is open until 3:30pm on 29 July 2020.

Q: If I can’t attend, can I transfer my registration?

A: As registration is complimentary, there is no necessity to transfer your registration. A new registration may be made for the other participant with the relevant information on the registration site.

3) Event Programme and Workshops

Q:  How do I submit my questions during the workshop sessions?

A: Questions may be submitted via the Live Chat function on the right-hand panel in within the session pages. You have the option to post questions anonymously. A moderator will assist the presenters with the questions submitted and highlight selected questions for the presenter to address. The presenter may decide not to answer some or repeated questions due to time constraints. For questions that are unanswered, participants may contact the presenters after the event.  Due to PDPA regulations, we are unable to relay your questions and contact details to the presenter for him/her to reply you directly after the event.

Q: What happens when I miss one of my selected workshop sessions?

A: Workshop presentations are available on the Skillsfuture@NTU website from 30 July 2020. Please note: Due to the sensitive content of some presentations, not all presentations will be made available on the website.  For presentations that are not available online, please contact the presenter directly.

Q: Are presenter presentations available after the event?

A: Presenter presentations are available for viewing on the Skillsfuture@NTU website from 30 July 2020 until 30 July 2021.

Please note: Due to the sensitive content of some presentations, we must have the presenter’s permission before we are able to share the presentations.  For presenter presentations that are not available online, please contact the presenter directly.

Q: Can I share the recordings to my friends and family?

A: You may redirect your friends or family to view the recordings here.

Q: Will the presenter or other participants be able to see me during the workshop sessions?

A: No, the presenters will not be able to see you during the workshop sessions.

Q: How can my organization become a Skillsfuture@NTU sponsor?
Sponsorship opportunities are limited, so act today. To become a sponsor and for more information, please contact 

Q: My question is not listed here. Whom do I contact?
Please contact for assistance.

4) Virtual exhibition
Q: When will the virtual exhibition hall be open?

A: The virtual exhibition hall will be open from 11:30am until 5pm.

Q: How do I connect or interact with the exhibitors?

A: Detailed information about the exhibitors are available within the ‘Virtual Exhibition’ module on the platform. You may also interact with the exhibitors virtually, via the 1-to-1 video chat function by clicking ‘Meet’ follow by ‘Request Live Meeting’ button under each exhibitor’s company name. As there are a limited number of exhibiting staff available at any one time, there might be a queue before the next available exhibitor is able to speak with you.

Q: Will the exhibitor be able to see me during the live meeting?

A: Yes, if the camera access is given upon entering the event, the video call will automatically start once the live meeting commences. You can choose to turn off the video and mic at any point during the live meeting.


Q: What are the technical requirements needed to attend the event?

A: To attend the event, you will need to access the platform via a computer with internet connection. It is not recommended to attend the event via mobile or tablet devices.

For the best viewing experience, we recommend that you join the event using one of the supported internet browsers:  Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. The use of Internet Explorer is not recommended as some functions, such as chat, are not fully supported.

Q: Can I attend the event on my phone or tablet?

A: It is not recommended to attend the event via mobile or tablet devices as some of the functions of the platform is not fully optimised.

Q: I am experiencing technical difficulties, who can I contact?

A: Please contact us via the Live Support Chat on the top right-hand corner of the virtual platform or email us at for assistance.

Q: I am unable to hear the presenter(s)?

A: Please check that your computer presenters are not on mute or unplug any external audio cables if they are plugged in.

If you are using an earpiece/ headset, please check that they are plugged into the correct audio outlet. If it is the correct audio outlet, please test again with another set of earpieces or headset.

At the beginning of every session, you will be prompted to select your audio preference, please select the right option.

Q: Part of the image on my screen is truncated at the bottom; how do I resolve this?

A: Please adjust the zoom setting of your browser to 75% – 80%.


Q: Will I be receiving any marketing material? How do I opt-in/out?

A: On the Registration Page under the Terms and Condition, you have an option to opt-in and give your consent to SkillsFuture Singapore and Nanyang Technological University to send you marketing information on future programmes and activities. 

If you would like to opt-in/out of future marketing information, please send an email to